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About the Expo


February 16, 2022

February 17, 2022


12pm-3pm (both days)


Zoom (departments provide their own unique Zoom meeting links)

The Major/Minor Expo is an event to help undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota explore academic majors and minors. This campus-wide event will include representatives from academic departments from all 8 undergraduate colleges. This event is a great opportunity for departments to promote their programs to a new and immediate audience.

Student consistently provide feedback that they appreciate how easy it was to connect to advisors and faculty at the Expo. Thank you in advance for your help in sharing your time and expertise on your programs!

Host a Major or Minor Meet-Up virtually!

  • You will have the opportunity to speak directly to students on Zoom. There is no appointment or registration needed for students to attend.

  • Submit an overview video of their major/minor to give students a chance to explore on their own time.

What to Expect

Meeting with Students during a Major or Minor Meet-up (Zoom)

Your Zoom Link

  • All departments must provide their own Zoom link.

  • We recommend creating a unique link instead of using your personal meeting room link.

Hosting Your Major Meet-up

  • At 12pm on February 16th and/or 17th, log into Zoom and start your session.

  • Think of the Zoom room for your Major Meet-up as if it were a table at an in-person event. You may have multiple students visiting your room at any given time.

  • You can have multiple staff share hosting duties if you chose.

Optional Use of Breakout Rooms

If multiple staff are available and a student has individualized questions, you can create a breakout room to have the conversation separate from the main Zoom room.

Submit a Video Overview for your program(s)

Why Should I Submit a Video?

  • We ask that you submit an overview video of your major/minor to give students a chance to explore on their own time

  • If you are representing multiple majors during the Expo, please submit a video for each major.

Suggested Content & Style

  • This video does not need to have a high production value. It may even be better to have something a little more informal, replicating the experience of a student walking up to a table and hearing the elevator pitch for a major/minor.

  • This can be just a simple recording on your phone or computer of just you talking. If you want, you could also use graphics or text as well. See our example video below!

Video Length

  • Videos should be a 30-60 second overview of the major. You may also use an existing video, even if it is longer than the recommended length.

Example Video

Our CAPE Coach, Hannah, recorded this example video to show the type of video and information we're imagining. Watch it below!

Submit Your Video

Anticipate Student Questions

What Can I Expect of Students?

  • Departments that attend this event should expect to interact with students from a variety of colleges at the U of M, with varying levels of awareness of majors/minors.

  • Some students will be at earlier stages of major exploration while others might come with specific questions as they are finalizing their choice of major or minor.

Example Questions

Based on feedback from past events, we anticipate students will come with the following types of questions:

  • Can you give me an overview of what your major/minor is about?

  • Are there requirements for declaring this major? What is the admission process?

  • What kinds of special programs (research, study abroad, student groups, practicums, internships, etc.) are offered with your major?

  • What course(s) do you recommend to help me explore your major?

  • What activities do you recommend to help me explore your major?

  • What kinds of jobs are graduates from your program finding?

  • What's the biggest challenge for students in your major?

  • What do students find most rewarding about your major?

  • What's one thing students interested in your major should know before getting involved with the program?

Zoom Troubleshooting

Zoom Issues

Join the CAPE Help Room to report issue and get assistance.

Need to assign host during your meeting? (e.g., changing shifts)

  • Using the participants window:

    • Click on Manage Participants in the meeting controls at the bottom of the Zoom window.

    • Hover over the name of the participant who is going to be a co-host, and choose More.

    • Click Make Co-Host.

    • Once a participant has been made a co-host, they'll have access to the co-host controls.

It is important to assign your colleague as a host BEFORE you leave the meeting so that they still retain host controls.

NOTE: Zoom will bump you from your meeting after 40 minutes of inactivity, if no one joins the Zoom room. Please join the room again as soon as possible.

Marketing Media Kit

Help us promote this year's Major/Minor Expo to students!

In order to reach all students who are still exploring their academic interests, we ask that you help us promote the Major/Minor Expo across your communication platforms.

You can download and use the graphics in our Media Kit to incorporate into your social media plans, eNewsletters, emails, digital signage, Zoom backgrounds, and more.

Follow CAPE on Instagram at @cape_umn and share our expo posts to your college or departmental account's Instagram story.